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Corporate team building days are one of the most popular events that we have requests for. These team building events are unique, inspiring and innovative in the way that they create a more efficient workforce. We work on a basis of making our team building games fun and enjoyable and feel that this is the best way to get a positive response from everybody involved.

Whether you are looking to forge new teams, reward present employees or extend and develop existing company relationships. We will have the ideal event for you. Once we have received a brief including what you want to obtain from the event, we will come back to you with a detailed event proposal to successfully meet your requirements.

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About us

We were formed as Demon Wheelers in 1994 and we have been working in the Team building and corporate entertainment industry for nearly 20 years. This gives us fantastic experience running team building events. We have grown our database of events from a few to over 100 different events, activities and games. We originally began supplying motorised activates for both adults and children and now specialise in a wide range of team building events including, indoor, outdoor and evening events.

We were one of the first companies in the UK to offer a Crystal maze team building event and were the first company to have a Crystal dome which could fit a whole team inside rather than one or two members of your team. We have a great range of suitable venues for team building on our database which we have run events at all over the country and we offer a free venue finding service if required, we will find you a team building venue that suits your needs and your budget.


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